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Cosmids covering the DMD (dystrophin) gene

(last modified on March 7, 2003)


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Origin of cosmids

Cosmid code Cloned DNA Vector Antibiotic marker E.coli host Reference
c8A.. human C2RB AmpR 1046 Blonden
cAL.. human C2RB AmpR 1046 Blonden
cAW.. yBPC4b p2CpG AmpR 1046  
cDMD.. y... sCOGH1 AmpR    
cLA.. y(5'-5), y(5'-7) p2CpG AmpR 1046  
cMA.. y(16-25)C[-60] p2CpG AmpR 1046  
cPT.. human C2RB AmpR 1046 Blonden
cyD4.. yDMD4 p2CpG AmpR 1046  

Cosmid code: starting initials used to describe the cosmid. Cloned DNA: DNA used to construct the cosmid library: human = human DNA derived from cell line GM1202, yBPC4b / yDMD4 / y(5'-5) / y(5'-7) / y(16-25)C[-60] = YACs containing segments of the human dystrophin gene. yBPC4b (Monaco) containing exons Dp427c-7, yDMD4 (Grootscholten, Den Dunnen) containing exons 43-47, y(5'-5) (Monaco) contains exons Dp427m-21, y(5'-7) (Monaco) containing exons 17-44 and y(16-25)C[-60] (Den Dunnen) containing exons 48-79 except exon 60. Vector: cosmid vector in which the library was constructed. Antibiotic marker: antibiotic marker in the cosmid, used for selective growth of the bacteria. E.coli host: E.coli host strain in which the cosmid library was constructed. Reference: publication decribing the cosmid library.

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