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ArrayNL mailing - October 3, 2003

From: "Johan T. den Dunnen, PhD" 
Subject: upcoming ArrayNL meeting
Date-Sent: 03 October 2003 19:29 +0200
Dear ArrayNL platform members,

The next arrayNL platform meeting is planned for Tuesday December 9 in Utrecht 
("Blauwe collegezaal", hoofdgebouw AZU/UMC Utrecht, foyer, floor 0). The 
organisation is by Peter Groot (logistics), Frank Holstege, Judith Boer, Ron 
Kerkhoven and Johan den Dunnen. We plan to start with coffee around 9.30 and 
close with drinks around 16.30. When sponsors are found, we hope to serve free 
coffee, tea, drinks and lunch. Registration will not be required.

Regarding the upcoming meeting;

	* people interested in presenting are asked to notify the organisation
          - send E-mail and ABSTRACT to "meet_Jan2002 @".

	* for logistic details (sponsoring, space for poster display, etc.) 
	  please contact Peter Groot (P.C.Groot @

	* upon request (please contact Peter Groot), poster boards will be 
	  available for those interested in displaying their work/ideas using 
	  a poster

Are you interested in presentations on specific subjects, please let us know. 
We know many attendants are highly interested in technological issues. For 
this purpose, we would like to invite specifically to submit short technical 
contributions (10 min). 

Details on the program will be displayed on the ArrayNL WWW-site; a final 
program will be mailed late November / early December. Contributors selected 
for a presentation will receive a direct E-mail invitation (late November) 
from the organisation. 

With the best wishes for the coming year,

	 Johan den Dunnen
	 ArrayNL platform



Two array-related courses will be organised shortly;
* "Micro-array en DNA-chip technologie", Hogeschool Leiden, October 27-31 
  (details at$49).
		!! Interested - please respond immediately !!

* "Towards comprehending scanned arrays; expression profiling", 4rd course, 
   November 2003, Leiden (details at


* Afymetrix
Affymwetrix created a Newsletter to keep you informed on new developments. 
You can sign up to receive this Newsletter via

* Agilent
Agilent regularly organises on-line Gene Expression e-Seminars. Topics include 
microarray-based research techniques, RNA QC and labeling advancements. 
Register at


The bioASP provides access to the (expression) array analysis software packages 
of Sportfire and Rosetta Biosoftware *Rosetta Resolver. For details see


The Leiden Genome Technology Center (LGTC) produces micro-arrays for several 
application, incl. expression profiling (oligonucleotide arrays of human, mouse, 
rat and zebra fish), PAC/BAC arrays for arrayCGH and arrays for mutation 
detection/SNP typing. For details see

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