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Program 2nd SNP-NL workshop

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 - Utrecht

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Gele collegezaal ( Stratenum 1.237), de Uithof, Utrecht (lokatie AZU),
free, no registration required
Travel directions
route description to UMCU

To Gele collegezaal:

  1. take the entrance at the "Universiteitsweg", take the stairs to the Stratenum and you arrive immediatly in the hall where the "gele zaal" is located.
  2. main entrance academic hospital. Follow the signs "Stratenum" (from main entrance to the left). At the end of the corridor (glass wall), go right; the '"Gele collegezaal" is at the end of this corridor.
Cisca Wijmenga (logistics, +31-30-253 8312 / 8427), Andre Uitterlinden (program, +31-10-408 7573) and Johan den Dunnen (mailing)

Please note that registration is not required, meaning we can only estimate attendance / consumption and we might run out of seats and lunches.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors coffee, tea, lunch and drinks will all be free

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Welcome Organizers
09.30 Marianna Bevova        A SNP facility for large-scale association studies of complex traits in the Netherlands using the Illumina BeadStation 500GX
09.55 Ynte Ruigrok The performance of a genome-wide linkage analysis in a large pedigree with intracranial aneurysms using illumina's SNP-based linkage panel IV
10.20 Pascal Arp DNA-isolation and -management in medium/high-throughput genotyping studies
Marja Jakobs Automation of SNP genotyping by MALDI TOF mass spectrometry
Frank Baas CNTF Null alleles are not enriched in ALS and CMT patients
12.05 Esther Lips Reliable high-throughput genotyping and Loss Of Heterozygosity detection in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded tumors using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism arrays
14.00 Claire Taylor Evaluation of high-resolution melting curve analysis as a high-throughput mutation scanning tool
Florencia Gosso  SNP genotyping gystem: 48-SNPlex assay
14.50 Hans Ketelslegers Inter-individual variations in DNA adduct levels assessed by analysis of multiple genetic polymorphisms in smokers
Paula Kersbergen Walking through the human genome bit by bit in search of copy number variation
16.10 Gerard te Meerman An alternative for Affymetrix genotyping based on principal component analysis and its application to array and SNP quality control, as well as using genotyping arrays for CGH analysis
16.35 - 17.30 DRINKS

NOTE: time for speakers is including 5 min. discussion; time will be kept rigorously.

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The organisers

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